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- Alfredo, Cinema Paradiso (1988)

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Festival Spotlight: Highway Gospel

Welcome to the first instalment of the 2011 Ottawa International Film Festival’s Filmmaker spotlight, a series that follows the works of filmmakers involved in this year’s festival. We hope that these condensed features aid you, the festival-goer, in selecting a schedule that reflects your own personal interests - be it documentary, experimental, narrative or a combination of many styles. Today’s spotlight is on the Ottawa-premiere of Highway Gospel - a documentary with heart. An official selection at the HotDocs and DOXA film festivals, OIFF is pleased to present such a unique and Canadian film.

Highway Gospel, directed by Jaret Belliveau and co-directed/produced by Craig Jackson, is, at its heart, a story about passion, dedication and extraordinarily unique characters. Shot over a 4 year period, the film is a true labour of love. With scenes shot in Ottawa, British Columbia, Washington State and Sweden and a summer spent working out of Belliveau’s ‘76 Volkswagen, Highway Gospel tells the tale of people coming together to form a community and putting everything on the line for the sport they love. The film holds its Ottawa Premiere with OIFF in association with the World Championship of Slalom Skateboarding, which will be held from August 19th to the 21st in Ottawa as well.

While this is Belliveau’s directorial debut, the NSCAD graduate is no stranger to the world of Canadian art and film. Majoring in photography, Belliveau’s work was selected to be a part of the Swiss exhibit “reGeneration: 50 Photographers of Tomorrow” at the Musee de L’Elysee. Domestically, his photography can also be seen at The Stephen Bulger Gallery in Toronto. Beginning with his minor in film history, Belliveau transformed his flare for the photographic image to that of the moving image

Belliveau notes the difference between Gospel and the hyper-commercialized skateboard industry that is portrayed by the media. Where previous Hollywood films such as Lords of Dogtown or Grind present one side of skateboard culture, the Gospel team focuses more on the emergence of downhill skateboard and the culture that surrounds it. Within this newly development discipline, the filmmakers find a way to challenge stereotypes, break down barriers and present a heartwarming, often comedic portrayal of real struggles and achievements.

Highway Gospel runs 91 minutes and will screen at 8:00pm on Friday, August 20th. Tickets can be purchased on the day-of at the Empire Theatres @ the World Exchange Plaza, located at 111 Albert Street, or online at The film has an OIFF unofficial rating of 14A for language and reckless behaviour. Stay tuned for more info about a pre-screening event to be hosted on Sparks Street. Check out Highway Gospel’s facebook and official site for even more coverage. 

Skip This Sequel Sunday: Scream III (2000)

Welcome to the final act.

Director: Wes Craven

Writer: Ehren Kruger

Producers: Cathy Konrad, Kevin Williamson, Marianne Maddalena

Actors: Neve Campbell, David Arquette, Courteney Cox, Patrick Dempsey, Jenny McCarthy, Parker Posey

In a few sentences: Ghostface pays Sidney and her friends a third visit while they visit the set of “Stab 3”, the third movie based upon the Woodsboro murders. (Source)

Bottom line: “Unfortunately, there’s nothing here that even the most inexperienced horror film fan would call innovative, and the predictable result is a movie that pales in comparison with its predecessors.”  - James Berardinelli, ReelViews 

Movie of the Day: Moon (2009)

950,000 miles from home, the hardest thing to face…  is yourself.

Director: Duncan Jones

Writers: Nathan Parker, Duncan Jones

Producers: Stuart Fenegan, Trudie Styler

Actors: Sam Rockwell, Kevin Spacey

In a few sentences: Astronaut Sam Bell has a quintessentially personal encounter toward the end of his three-year stint on the Moon, where he, working alongside his computer, GERTY, sends back to Earth parcels of a resource that has helped diminish our planet’s power problems. (Source)

Bottom line: “An eccentric sci-fi which cleverly deconstructs the mythology of the Star Treks and Star Wars which have colonised the future of our imaginations with their glamour, self-importance and operatic sound tracks.”  - Ruth Hessey, ABC Radio National

I’m off to a Double Feature!

Beginners and Crazy, Stupid, Love.

lucidsloth asked: I like offbeat movies like Pi, Requiem for a Dream, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, et cetera. Do you have any recommendations?

You have good taste in movies!

First thing that popped for me is that Pi and Requiem for a Dream are both Aronofsky films, though I would say they are his best work. After that he did a couple sub-par films before The Wrestler and Black Swan. I don’t know if you’ve seen Black Swan already but it’s for sure offbeat…

Also, I notice you’re in Ottawa! I’d recommend that you check out An Evening with Aaron Ryder at the Ottawa International Film Festival on August 20th. They will be showing Donnie Darko and Memento and I think you might enjoy both.

I’ll also make a short list of different style movies for you and if you come back and tell me which ones you watched and enjoyed, I could make you an even better list! So here goes: Identity (2003), The Virgin Suicides (1999), Sex, Lies, and Videotape (1989), The Usual Suspects (1995), and A Clockwork Orange (1971).

So check those out and let me know what you like :)

The last movie I’m going to recommend for you today is Moon (2009)… It will be my Movie of the Day today, which will be posted later this evening! It’s definitely offbeat and definitely worth a watch.

Hope you enjoy and thanks a bunch for the question!

Movie of the Day: Election (1999)

Reading. Writing. Revenge.

Director: Alexander Payne

Writers: Jim Taylor, Alexander Payne

Producers: Albert Beger, David Gale, Keith Samples, Ron Yerxa

Actors: Reese Witherspoon, Matthew Broderick, Chris Klein, Jessica Campbell

In a few sentences: Jim McAllister is a popular teacher and student government adviser who loves making a difference in his students’ lives. He’s been named “Teacher of the Year” three times during his 12 years at George Washington Carver High, but he’s about to put it all on the line-his reputation, his career - for a student election. Tracy Flick is the school’s consummate overachiever, an alarmingly ambitious go-getter who treats high school as the first step in a lifelong career strategy. Busy with clubs, committees and school musicals, she is ready for her greatest glory - the student government presidency. Getting elected should be a snap, since no one is running against her - no one, that is, until Jim decides that this human achievement machine must be stopped and recruits his own candidate for president. (Source)

Bottom line: “A dark, insidiously funny satire on the self-involved ways otherwise rational people can allow narrow personal agendas to lead them astray to the point of self-destruction.”  - Derek Elley, Variety

Foreign Language Saturday: The Decline of the American Empire (1986)

Sex! The only subject worth talking about.

Director: Denys Arcand

Writer: Denys Arcand

Actors: Remy Girard, Dominique Michel, Dorothee Berryman

In a few sentences: Eight intellectual friends - four men and four women from the Department of History at the Université de Montréal - prepare to have dinner together. The ensuing conversations range from their professional lives to politics, but primarily concern their sexual exploits. (Source)

Bottom line: “There’s very little plot in Decline of the American Empire…but when the dialogue is this good and the characters this compelling, that’s not necessarily a bad thing”  - David Nusair, Reel Film Reviews

I’ll post a second Movie of the Day since I wasn’t home yesterday and hadn’t prepared anything.

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